Best Doggie Doorbell:15+ Models Tested for Potty Training


Are you training your doggie doorbell manners, or does your furry friend incessantly scratch or bark at the door to go outside? You need a dog doorbell! When nature calls, your dog can simply ring a bell, alerting you it’s time for a bathroom break. We dedicated over 200 hours to testing 15 different dog […]

Dog Pee: Colors, Causes, and Hydration Tips

dog pee

When it comes to dog pee, much like humans, the urine of animals is a vital health indicator. Just as human urine reveals a lot about our health, dogs’ urine color and characteristics can change, signaling potential health issues. Changes in urine color in dogs are primarily due to health problems or inadequate hydration. A […]

Dog Yawn: Reasons And Track Methods

yawning dog

Noticed your dog yawn more often than usual? While it’s adorable, it could also be a sign of something to consider if it appears excessive. The experts suggest that conducting research and inquiring when something about your dog seems unusual is always a wise approach. In this discussion, we’ll explore the possible meanings behind your […]

Bell Train A Dog:3 Steps to Potty Training


Wondering what’s so fantastic about bell train a dog? Picture a world where your furry friend always alerts you when they need to go outside, eliminating accidents indoors. To achieve this, it’s crucial to understand that your puppy won’t instinctively know how to potty outside; you must teach them. Establishing clear guidelines and communication is […]

Potty Doorbell : Teach Your Dog in a Quick Two-Week Period


A potty doorbell is essentially a bell placed near your entrance that your dog can ring to indicate her need to go potty. No matter your level of experience in dog training, you can successfully teach your dog to use a potty bell within a fortnight.   “The signal” “Max,” a young 9-month-old Golden Retriever, […]

How To Train A Dog To Pee Outside?

dog pee outside

You’re outside, attempting to apply “how to train a dog to pee outside” techniques, enduring an endless array of sniffs and circles, eagerly awaiting the chance to shower your dog with praise for the much-anticipated potty squat. But, it just doesn’t happen. Resigned, you decide to head back in, thinking a later attempt might be […]

Sounds That Make Dogs Go Crazy: What You Should Know

scared dog

Sounds that make dogs go crazy illustrate their exceptional auditory abilities, far surpassing human hearing. Remarkably, they can detect a human heartbeat from fifteen feet away. This means your canine friend likely hears your heartbeat if they’re in the same room. Quite extraordinary, isn’t it? Yet, while dogs are attuned to a wide range of […]

Solving Unresponsive Dog Doorbell Issues: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

a dog

If your dog doorbell isn’t ringing as it should, you’re not alone. Many pet owners face the frustration of an unresponsive doorbell, especially when their furry friends depend on it for communication. In this extensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the steps to identify, fix, and maintain an unresponsive dog doorbell, ensuring it remains a […]

Waterproof Dog Doorbell DIY: Crafting The Perfect Pet Communication Device


Are you tired of being your dog’s doorman, always on call for their outdoor adventures, rain or shine? Well, say hello to the dog doorbell! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your very own waterproof dog doorbell. Get ready to become your pet’s favorite tech-savvy butler!   The perks […]